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Latest PPI update

For those clients who are awaiting more information in respect for previously rejected cases and commission cases please refer to the Plevin case as undernoted.

Please be assured that we will update you as soon as the FCA have finalised their guidance in respect of these cases which is likely to be late October this  year.


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In an article in the Telegraph, Paul Farrow the personal finance expert has leapt to the defence of Claims management companies. Claims management companies (CMC’s) have come in for some criticism in the media in recent months. There have been calls for a uniform regulation system led by Which?, the consumer protection body. Mr Farrow has defended CMC’s praising their ability to push banks for more compensation and for bringing the existence of potential claims to people’s attention. Mr Farrow also speculates as to the REAL reason banks are lobbying for the regulation of claims management companies… Click here to read more.

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If your claim has been successful and an offer has been made to you, the average pay-out time is between 4 and 8 weeks.

Regrettably, notwithstanding the timescales mentioned by the lenders in your offer letter, due to the volume of settlements being made by the various banks, some are experiencing a delay to their normal payment times.

For your information, the following banks have advised us of their expected payment times:-

Royal Bank - between 10 and 12 weeks from when they receive the signed acceptance

Halifax/Bank of Scotland - 8 weeks after date of offer

Lloyds TSB - they are unable at this stage to give a time when payment will be made.

All other lenders - UP TO 8 weeks from offer date.

Should you not have been paid after 12 weeks from when your claim was offered/accepted, please contact us on 01698 206414for an update.

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On Monday 9th May the BBA announced that they had abandoned their court action and were not going to appeal the High Court's decision to reject their case in its entirety.

What this means is that all cases that were previously put on hold will now be reopened, investigated properly and claims settled where there has been a mis-sell.

Due to the volume of claims that had been on hold there may be a delay but our clients can be assured that we are now addressing the backlog and putting pressure on lenders to provide us with a decision as soon as possible.

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On 05 May 2011 the Lloyds Banking Group announced that they were no longer contesting the case against the FSA and were now drawing a line under their legal challenge. They have set aside £3.1 billion to compensate consumers. They will now process all the complaints that were frozen.

We hope that other lenders who had joined in the challenge will follow suit but for now if your claim is with Lloyds Halifax BOS or Black Horse we should have some news for you shortly.

This Firm took the decision not to take any of the cases to the Ombudsman that had been put on hold as we believed that the outcome of the Judicial Review would be known well before a decision on client's cases by the Ombudsman(now between 12-18 months).

The outcome today has vindicated our decision.

This is a great day for our PPI clients!

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On 3rd March the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) found Welcome Finance in default. What this means is that even though Welcome were saved from going out of business they required to engage financial assistance from the FSCS as they were unable to meet their obligations in respect of compensating their customers who were missold PPI.

The process for compensating customers of Welcome will now take longer but if your loan was taken out after 2005 and the policy was missold you will still be compensated. A fund has also been set aside for those who took out policies between 2003 and 2005.

We will update our website when there are any further developments.

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